Drag Bingo

Linda Simpson's Drag Queen Bingo

This ain’t your grandma’s Bingo! Your heart will race and your palms will sweat (in a good way) as wisecracking Linda Simpson hosts a wild and wacky version of everyone’s favorite game of chance. Silly and colorful prizes galore await the winners!

As one of NYC's most high-profile drag queens, Linda Simpson is a renaissance kind of gal as a nightlife promoter and hostess, an actress, a writer, and the founder and editor of My Comrade magazine. Known for her witty demeanor, fine-tuned camp sensibility and unique blend of sass and class, Linda enthusiastically embraces the role she was born to play—a reigning queen!

"A worldly wit... A kind of mother superior of the New York drag scene." -The New York Times

"The thinking woman's drag queen." -Paper Magazine