Female Performers/Showgirls

Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and Showgirls in White!
Couture Cowgirls
Winged Showgirls
Dayglo Mod
Dancers: Day Glo Mod
Dancers: Day Glo Mod
1960's Glitter Flip
Stars and Stripes
British Theme
British Mod
French Can-Can
Moulin Rouge: Cancan Girls and Emcee
Blue Latin Ruffle
Sequin Mermaid
Aquatic Sea Creature
Sea Goddess
Sea Queen
"Pucci" Sequin Glamour Gals
Purple Disco Chicks
with Colin Cowie
Glam Gal: Silver and Fuschia
Glam Gal: Red and Silver
Silver Mackie
(backless halter)
Silver Shimmy
Polynesian Glamour
Blue Spangles
Sequin Graffiti
Dancer: Lime Ripples
Ice White Dancer
Ice Goddess
Showgirl: Sequin Stripes
Fire Goddess
Cigarette / Candy Girls
Candy Girl: Uniform
Candy Girls: Classic Uniform
Chorus Line
Showgirls: Glitter Swirls
Gold Spiral
Disco Snowflake
Blue Goddess
Showgirls: Red and White
Red Showgirls
Red Chandelier Showgirls
Showgirls: Jet Blue Promotion
Showgirl: Red Drama
Showgirls: Carnival Colors
Showgirls: Red, White, and Blue
Mayor Michael Bloomberg Loves Our Showgirls!
Showgirl Group in Silver and White
Showgirl in White.
Showgirl: Silver and Pink
Showgirl: Pink and Red
Showgirls: Pink, Green, and Purple
Showgirl: Gold Carnivale
Showgirl: Gold Carnivale
Showgirl: Exotic Gold
Showgirl-Gold and White
Showgirl: Purple and Pink
Showgirl: Silver and Purple w/ Fans
Showgirls: SIlver and Black
Showgirls: Black and Silver
Las Vegas Card Girl
Disco Gogo
Disco Cigarette Girl
1920's Flapper Showgirls
1920s Flapper Showgirl
1020s Flappers: Cigar Girls
Dancer in black beaded jazz dress
Human Disco Balls
Asian Glitter Flower
Asian Ensembles
Geisha Girls
Geisha Girls
Modern Kimono GIrls
Miss Chrysler and Ms. Taxi
Miss Chrysler, Lady Empire State
Taxi Girls
Human Disco Balls
Tall Goddesses
Period Characters: Antique Baroque Ladies
Luminescent Space Chicks
Sequin Zebra Gals
Check out our dazzling greeters, dancers, cigar girls, and theme characters. Our unique custom made costumes are an outrageous yet sophisticated additon to any event.
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New York Showgirls! Our Las Vegas showgirls, actors, greeters, models, dancers, cigar girls,candy girls, and shot girls, are perfect for special events such as weddings, openings, casino shows, product promotions, super sweet sixteens, country club dinners, black tie events, and even bar and bat mitzvahsA great idea for Halloween, New Years Eve, Mardi Gras, Carnivàle, Bastille Day, Christmas, or any holiday party or gathering.  Custom designed costumes are always an option. Our performers, male, female, and drag queen, have appeared on TV shows such as Sex and The City, Project Runway, Late Night with Conan O'Brian, and America's Got Talent. Our show girls are based in New York CIty servicing Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Boston Massachusetts,  and Pennsylvania. Our Las Vegas based showgirls service all of California including Lake Tahoe, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco.