Period Characters

Whimsical period characters are perfect for theme parties such as:

Marie Antoinette - French Revolution - Fairytale 

18th Century - Venitien - Carnival - Mardi Gras - Bastille Day 


Period Characters: Antique Baroque Ladies
Aristocratic Couple in Red
Classy Period Lady.
Fancy French Couple.
Lovely Period Ladies
Dapper Dandies at the Marc Jacobs Venetian Ball
18th Century Socialite.
Marie Antoinette's Prettier Sister.
French Ladies Gossip at the March Jacobs Venetian Ball
Miss Understood at the Marc Jacobs Venetian Ball.
Grand Period Drag
Period Drama!
Aristocratic "Lady" at the Marc Jacobs Venetian Ball
Fancy "Lady" in Red
Strolling on Bastille Day.
Strolling Human Table: Pink Marie Antoinette
Strolling Human Table: Marie Antoinette
Dashing Gentleman







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Our Costumed Period Characters, Drag Queens, Female Impersonators, Celebity Impersonators, Showgirls, etc, are perfect for special events such as weddings, openings, casino shows, product promotions, super sweet sixteens, country club dinners, black tie events, and even Bar Mitzvahs and Bat MitzvahsA great idea for Halloween, New Years Eve, Mardi Gras, Carnivàle, Bastille Day, Christmas, or any holiday party or gathering.  Custom designed costumes are always an option. Our performers, male, female, and drag queen, have appeared on TV shows such as Sex and The City, Project Runway, Late Night with Conan O'Brian, and America's Got Talent. Most of our drag queens  are based in New York CIty servicing Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey,  and Pennsylvania. We also provide regional performers in many locations including Las Vegas, North Carolina, Florida (Miami, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale), Califormia (Los Angeles, San Francisco), Boston, Washington DC, and Chicago.