Celebrity Friends

Celebs love Screaming Queens! Click thumbnails for paparazzi moments featuring Pink, Ivana Trump, Johnny Knoxville, Jake Shears, Joan Rivers, and more!
Groovy Baby: Colin Cowie meets the Disco Twins.
Dave Navarro Loves Elaine!
Will the real Joan Rivers please stand up?
"Joan" meets Joan.  Which is which?
Ivana Trump and Miss Understood enjoy fine dining.
Jake Shears on a hot date with Miss Understood.
Joy Behar loves drag queens!
Johnny Knoxville and Miss Understood caught in the act!
Model Kim Stolz hanging with Rainblo and Miss Understood.
Pink and Peppermint: girls night out.
Colin Cowie Loves our Blonde Showgirls!
Pretty ladies Raquel Summers and Paulina Porizkova.
Rufus Wainwright getting jiggy with Miss Understood.
Oh Buffy, you slay me!



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